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Pool Servicing

Pool Maintenance in Adelaide is our specialty. If you have ANY concern with your pool we will be able to help. Send us an email or give us a call to arrange a service call to your home.

At Adelaide Pool Mart we offer a wide range of services to help keep your pool sparkling all year round and at the least hassle to you.


Bring in a sample of your pool water for your FREE computerised water test. We have installed the latest computerised light photometer water testing for accurate readings. With an easy to follow print out, one of our staff will run through it with you and make water chemistry easy! We also supply free water test bottles.


We have a complete pool equipment repair service to keep your pool running like new. If you have anything that isn’t working that you think could be worth repairing then bring it in to the shop and we can give you an honest assessment and quote on getting it repaired. Whether it be a pump, filter, automatic cleaner etc. we will be able to get you up and running again


We stock a large range of chemicals and products for your pool. Check our products page for more details. If there is something you want for your pool that we may not keep as a stock item we can order it in for you.


If you would rather leave it all to us then we can come to you. We have a wide variety of pool maintenance services available which include:

  • Full pool cleaning
  • Water balancing
  • Equipment checks & repairs
  • Equipment installation
  • Pool troubleshooting

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