Adelaide Pool Mart

About Us

Adelaide Pool Mart was first established in September 2006 by the original owner Graham and
James (current Co-Owner) after leaving the swimming pool equipment wholesaling industry in the
pursuit of setting up a leading swimming pool & spa retail and maintenance business.

Craig (current Co-Owner) bought Grahams share of the business in June 2008 bringing some fresh enthusiasm to learn the industry and grow the business through the coming years.
James and Craig then took the reigns and grew the business from the 4 original staff to having 12 staff members spread over running the retail store and 7 vehicles on the road servicing pools in the field.
Adelaide Pool Mart has always been committed to providing outstanding service and maintaining an exceptional knowledge of pool products and water chemistry. This has allowed us to service our customers to the highest standard and set ourselves as one of the leaders in the pool retail and service industry.
We have always sought out the latest in technology including automation, the latest in robotic cleaning, mineral chlorination, and water chemistry products. We will continue to endeavour to stay up to date with the latest developments in the pool industry and train our staff to be knowledgeable in the setup, operation and troubleshooting of these advancements.
So come on in and meet the team at Adelaide Pool Mart and see how we can keep your pool as hassle free, clean and sparkling as possible.