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Winteriser Pack

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Now that the water temperature is dropping and most people have stopped swimming it is time to get your pool ready for winter which with the right adjustments can save you money until next season!

Adelaide Pool Mart has put together its usual great special and some helpful advice to make getting through the winter months a breeze.

We believe the most effective way to “Winterise” your pool is to add a product called Starver (which removes phosphates from your pool), followed by a copper based algaecide. Phosphates in swimming pools are the catalyst for algae to thrive if left at high levels. Removing phosphates from pool water eliminates the algae food supply, making follow up dosing of chlorine and algaecide more effective. Starver is the only chemical which destroys any phosphates present. All untreated pools will have some level of phosphates present.

Once the Starver has been added to the water, we then recommend following up with a copper based algaecide which will hold in the water and act as a preventative for any further outbreak of algae. After ‘Winterising’ your pool you will be able to cut down the operating time of your pool which will help you lower your pool running costs. Which means you will put less wear and tear on your equipment and you will also save on chemical costs.